14 Mar 2014

How to solve "Out Of Sort Memrory" problem of mysql

This Morning, i meet a mysql error when did sphinx index rebuild, it is sql_fetch_row: Out of sort memory, consider increasing server sort buffer size .

As the error message told, this problem caused by the limit of mysql sort_memory config, so we just increase the size and reload mysql.server .

How to config mysql?

  1. open mysql config named my.cnf, it’s /usr/local/opt/mysql/my.cnf in my computer.

  2. go to sort_buffer_size line and update the value to a suitable numerical. if you do not set this value it will be 2M size (for my computer)

  3. run mysql.server restart to restart mysql.

problem solved , so happy.

Til next time,
small_fish__ at 11:38